About the Book by Darrell Hartman Titled “Battle of Ink and Ice: A Sensational Story of News Barons, North Pole Explorers, and the Making of Modern Media”

From a Wall Street Journal story by Edward Kosner headlined “‘Battle of Ink and Ice’ Review: Cook and Peary’s North Pole Race”:

If New York’s media elite of the late Gilded Age ever sat down for a banquet at Delmonico’s, you might find Horace Greeley of the Tribune, Adolph Ochs of the Times, Joseph Pulitzer of the World, William Randolph Hearst of the Evening Journal and Charles Dana of the Sun gathered at the table. They’d be washing down their oysters with champagne and dishing on their conveniently absent rival James Gordon Bennett Jr., publisher of the mighty Herald, off cruising the Med in his 314-foot superyacht, the Lysistrata.