What Emerges From This Book Is That Jackie Robinson Was Baseball’s Man for All Seasons, a Mixture of Great Conscience, Great Grace and Astonishing Physical Skill

From a Wall Street Journal review by David M. Shribman of the book by Kostya Kennedy titled “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson”:

Travel back three-quarters of a century, cross a border, imagine a world of fedoras and streetcars. There are smoked-meat sandwiches on warm plates and shivering commuters on cold corners. It is Montreal in 1946. Mobsters rule the street, the Catholic Church rules the soul. The mayor, who had encouraged Quebeckers not to register for the World War II draft, has won back his office after being sent to an internment camp for sedition. French and English mingle in the pâtisseries; furriers and longshoremen mingle by the river.