Baseball’s Renewal This Spring Brings With It a Whole New Batch of Books

From a Wall Street Journal Bookshelf column by Edward Kosner headlined “Baseball Books: Golden Ages on the Diamond”:

Like no other sport, baseball has nostalgia entwined in its DNA.

Old guys can still evoke the smell of neatsfoot oil lovingly massaged into their five-finger Rawlings fielder’s mitts. They remember the first major-league game their fathers took them to—in my case, the second Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium, on June 13, 1948, a sold-out farewell to the slugger who would die of cancer just two months later. Random statistics stick in the mind—Joe DiMaggio hit just .263 in 1951, his last season—as do the names of marginal players, like the reliever “Hooks” Iott, who toiled briefly for the Giants in the 1940s.