When You Pick the Wrong Name For Your Baby

From a Washington Post story by Sarah Fowler headlined “When you pick the wrong name for your baby”:

It’s one of the first high-stakes decisions a parent can make: What to name the baby? Parents must weigh questions of originality against tradition, ease of spelling and pronunciation, how to incorporate culture, whether they want their child’s name to stand out or blend in or somewhere in between.

Some parents-to-be know the perfect name when they hear it. Others spend hours scouring books and websites, sounding out first and middle names and gaming out every possible burden each combination could bring. And others are guided by the family tree, naming every firstborn girl Margaret or every firstborn boy Junior.

Who’ll Win the Baby Name Game?

From a Wall Street Journal column by Bart Stratton headlined “Who’ll Win the Baby Name Game?”:

My daughter is pregnant and wants to talk about baby names. I’m reluctant. My parents never advised me on what to name my kids or how to raise them. My wife and friends all say I should plunge into the name game.

I’m touchy about names. I have an artificial last name. My dad changed it from Soltzberg in 1941. He got Stratton out of a phone book in a waiting room before a job interview. He got hired. Anti-Semitism was the reason for the name change. When I finished college, I told my dad I was thinking of changing back to Soltzberg, and he went nuts: “You’re looking for trouble. Don’t do it!”