Charlotte Pomerantz: Inventive Children’s Book Author Who Brought an Ingenious Use of Language and Sly Subversive Touch to Her Stories

From a New York Times obit by Neil Ganzlinger headlined “Charlotte Pomerantz, Inventive Children’s Book Author, Dies at 92′;

Charlotte Pomerantz, who brought an ingenious use of language and the occasional sly subversive touch to stories about mud-loving pigs and parachuting cats written for young children, died on Sunday at her home in Charlottesville, Va. It was her 92nd birthday.

Ms. Pomerantz wrote 35 children’s books, some in prose, some in verse. Her clever manipulation of words gave young readers a laugh and food for thought, as in this ditty from “Halfway to Your House” (1993, illustrated by Gabrielle Vincent):