When Politicians Attack the Media: “A case of what happens when the press becomes fair game”

From a Washington Post Voices Across America column by William H. Freivogel headlined “This Trumpish attack on the media is ridiculous, yes, but serious nonetheless”:

William H. Freivogel, a former St. Louis Post-Dispatch editor, is a journalism professor at Southern Illinois University and a member of the Missouri Bar.

Last fall, Josh Renaud, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (where I once worked), was aggregating Missouri state data on teachers to identify who was unlicensed. As he worked, he looked at the HTML code for the publicly available webpages — a task customarily accomplished with a couple of clicks to reveal the HyperText Markup Language used to construct the pages. Renaud noticed that the code included nine-digit numbers. He surmised, correctly, that these were Social Security numbers.