Anne Garrels: international Correspondent for NPR Who Reported From the Front Lines of Wars Around the World

From a New York Times obit by Katharine Q. Seelye headlined “Anne Garrels, Fearless NPR Correspondent, Dies at 71”:

Anne Garrels, an international correspondent for NPR who reported from the front lines of major conflicts around the world, including during the American “shock and awe” bombing of Baghdad in 2003, died on Wednesday at her home in Norfolk, Conn.

Ms. Garrels started her journalism career in television at ABC News. But it was at NPR, where she worked for more than two decades, that she made her name covering strife and bloodshed across the globe. She became known for conveying how momentous events, like wars, affected the people who lived through them. Her backdrops included the Soviet Union, Tiananmen Square, Bosnia, Chechnya, the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan.