Angelo Badalamenti: Composer of Unsettling Film Soundtracks for Shows Such as Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks

From a Washington Post obit by Tim Greiving headlined “Angelo Badalamenti, composer of unsettling film soundtracks, dies at 85”:

Angelo Badalamenti, a composer whose penchant for what he called “dark beauty” wooed collaborators such as David Bowie and found its fullest expression in scores for filmmaker David Lynch — especially in the synth-heavy music for “Blue Velvet,” “Twin Peaks” and “Mulholland Drive” — died Dec. 11 at 85.

Mr. Badalamenti scored nearly 50 films and worked with directors including Paul Schrader and Danny Boyle. As a songwriter and orchestrator, he collaborated on records and music videos with Bowie and Michael Jackson.