From Amazon to Apple, Tech Giants Turn to Old-School Union-Busting

From a Washington Post story by Nitasha Tiku, Reed Albergotti, Greg Jaffe, and Rachel Lerman headlined “From Amazon to Apple, tech giants turn to old-school union-busting”:

At a Staten Island warehouse set to start its vote on unionizing Monday, Amazon has hired consultants to union-bust, mandated classes to discourage organizing and threatened to arrest union leaders for trespassing.

“THE ALU IS TRYING TO INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE,” reads a flier handed out there, referring to the upstart Amazon Labor Union. In an attempt to scare workers, it alleges that the new union’s officers “can put you on trial and fine or expel you.” A message from Amazon, taped to one of the warehouse’s snack machines, blares: “The ALU is Lying to you! The only thing they guarantee is … you no longer have a voice.”