Afghanistan’s Independent Media Is Fading But a Few Hold Out

From a Wall Street Journal story by Margherita Stancati headlined “Afghanistan’s Independent Media Is Fading Away but a Few Hold Out”:

KABUL—Waheeda Hasan, a reporter for the Afghan broadcaster Tolo News, on a recent morning got out of the car, hid her phone in the folds of her head scarf and walked to the protest site, a busy intersection here.

There, a dozen women waved colorful posters and chanted slogans calling on the Taliban to reopen secondary schools for girls and to allow women to return to work in all professions. Ms. Hasan started filming the protest on her phone. Within minutes, Taliban security forces swarmed the area. Ms. Hasan quickly uploaded her footage and slipped away safely. A radio journalist, the only other local reporter there, was briefly detained.