Affirmative Action Is Done—Here’s What Else May Change for School Admissions

From a story on by Bianca Quilantan headlined “Affirmative action is done. Here’s what else may change for school admissions.”:

The Supreme Court’s gutting of affirmative action on Thursday has sparked a new drive among education groups, lawmakers and civil rights advocates who want to unravel other common practices for how applicants are admitted.

Education and civil rights organizations could challenge standardized tests, which they say are barriers for underrepresented students. The leader of the anti-affirmative action movement, Edward Blum, has urged elite colleges to reconsider legacy admissions policies. And Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), ranking member of the House Education Committee, has called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to start investigating schools that use admissions requirements that he believes “have discriminatory impact.”