About the Book by Richard Aldous Titled “The Dillon Era: Douglas Dillon in the Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson Administrations”

From a Wall Street Journal review by Philip Terzian headlined “”The Dillon Era’ Review: Serving Eisenhower, Kennedy, and America”:

At the outset of “The Dillon Era,” an informative, appreciative study of C. Douglas Dillon, secretary of the Treasury in the Kennedy administration, Richard Aldous laments that his subject has become “if not a forgotten figure, then a largely overlooked and underappreciated one.” This relative misfortune, he explains, has much to do with Dillon’s “low-key style,” which didn’t “draw attention to itself as did that of such larger-than-life cabinet figures as John Foster Dulles and Robert McNamara.” One wonders if McNamara, whose tenure at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War transformed him from corporate whiz kid into folk villain, ever yearned to trade places with the overlooked, underappreciated Dillon.