About the Book by Patricia Gilman Titled “The Critic’s Daughter: A Memoir”

From a Wall Street Journal story by Rachel Shteir about the book by Patricia Gilman titled “The Critic’s Daughter: A Memoir”:

Thirty-six years later I can still recall exchanges with my teacher, the eminent, prickly critic Richard Gilman, who died, at 83, in 2006. My clearest memories are from a class known as Crit, short for Criticism, which I took while a first-year grad student at the Yale School of Drama. Each week, Gilman destroyed the short pieces we wrote for him, especially when we used adjectives that he considered hackneyed. He listed some of them in his 1961 essay “The Necessity for Destructive Criticism”: “haunting, striking, gripping, charming, powerful, stunning and refreshing.”