I Know the Pressure of Being a Doctor—Motherhood Is Something Else

From a New York Times guest essay by Daniela J. Lamas headlined “I Know the Pressure of Being a Doctor. Motherhood Is Something Else.”:

Dr. Lamas is a pulmonary and critical-care physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

It should be the easiest, most natural thing in the world. Or so it seems.

But here I am, home from the hospital and my newborn daughter is struggling to eat. Her movements are frantic. She gnaws at my chest, my lip, even my nose, desperate for milk. Who knew that something so small could be so strong? We try again. When her forehead furrows and she pouts her lip and begins to wail, it is all I can do not to join her. I am her mother, she is helpless and hungry, and I don’t have enough milk to satisfy her.