Wagner’s Prisoner of War: A Ukrainian Soldier’s 46-Day Nightmare

From a Washington Post story by Alex Horton headlined “Wagner’s prisoner of war: a Ukrainian soldier’s 46-day nightmare”:

Wagner mercenaries were within shouting distance when the ambush began.

From the high ground, they raked a column of Ukrainian military armor below. An antitank rocket punched through Ilia Mykhalchuk’s vehicle, and the 36-year-old recalled quickly taking stock of his injuries.

Right arm: ribbons of shredded flesh. His left: pocked with shrapnel.

Mykhalchuk stumbled from the burning wreckage, fell to the frozen ground and, using his fractured teeth for leverage, tightened a tourniquet onto each of his mangled arms. Moments later, his attackers drew near, shooting him through the legs. They moved closer. Death, Mykhalchuk believed, was imminent.