A Newsroom—The Kyiv Independent— in Wartime

From a story on cjr.org by Jem Bartholomew headlined “A newsroom in wartime”:

IT WAS JUST one hundred and one days between the launch of the Kyiv Independent, on November 15 last year, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on February 24. The newsroom had barely been operating for three months on its new mission “to serve as the true, independent voice of Ukraine.” Now it would face its greatest test.

On the morning of Russia’s invasion, Daryna Shevchenko slept in. The night before, she had taken a sleeping pill to help her doze off. The blaring sounds that greeted Shevchenko when she awoke in Kyiv—screaming air-raid sirens, exploding munitions—announced the beginning of a new and terrifying reality in Ukraine.