A New Biography Celebrates the Enduring Greatness of Writer Larry McMurtry

From a Washington Post review by Bryan Burrough headlined “A new bio celebrates the enduring greatness of Larry McMurtry”:

To be a Texas writer these last 50 years or so is to labor beneath the branches of the great Larry McMurtry oak. Even now, two years after his passing, his influence and his presence are inescapable. Practically all the older writers I know here in Austin are one or two degrees of separation from McMurtry, either a pal, one of his many female companions, a target of his barbs or just someone trying to explore a niche he left untouched, which isn’t easy, given an oeuvre that stretches from “The Last Picture Show” and “Lonesome Dove” to “Terms of Endearment” and the screenplay for “Brokeback Mountain.”