50 Years After a Plane Crash, Family Members Left Behind Find Solace in One Another

From a Times Insider column by Emmett Lindner headlined “50 Years After a Plane Crash, Their Grief Still Resonates”:

In February 2021, Ellen Barry, a Boston-based reporter who covers mental health for The New York Times, came across an article in Seven Days, a Vermont weekly newspaper, that piqued her interest. The piece focused on Michelle Brennen, who was 10 years old when her father died in a plane crash that had occurred nearly 50 years earlier. On a foggy day in 1973, Delta Flight 723 collided into a sea wall that separated Boston Harbor from Logan International Airport, killing all 89 people on board. Ms. Brennen, the article reported, was searching for family members of those who had died; she wanted to bring them together for a memorial.