Chris Christie, Responding to Quips About His Weight, Tells Trump to Look in the Mirror

From a story on by David Cohen headlined “Chris Christie, responding to quips about his weight, tells Trump to ‘look in the mirror'”:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday mocked Donald Trump, his fellow Republican presidential candidate, for Trump’s recent quips about his weight.

“Oh, like he’s some Adonis?” Christie said to host Howard Kurtz on Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” saying that his longtime struggles with his weight have nothing to do with whether he is qualified to be president.

Calling Trump “a bully on the schoolyard,” Christie added: “Here’s my message to him: I don’t care what he says about me, and I don’t care what he thinks about me, and he should take a look in the mirror every once in a while — maybe he’d drop the weight thing off of his list of criticisms.”

Christie, who continues to take direct aim at the former president as he tries to gain steam in the GOP race, reiterated many of the criticisms of Trump he has been making in his recent speeches, including at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, where he was booed Friday for his remarks.

Given that Trump remains the Republican frontrunner, Kurtz asked Christie whether all his attacks on Trump were futile because the Republican Party he is seeking to lead in 2024 doesn’t really exist anymore .

“I don’t think so,” Christie said. “I think the things that I’m talking about in our campaign, about doing big things again, about being a leader on the world stage, about reforming our educational system to give urban kids a chance to be able to really achieve and accomplish everything that their God-given potential has, those are future issues — those are future issues, not past ones.”

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