IRS Silent on Timing of Visit to Journalist’s Home and How Often It Makes House Calls

From a story on by Brian Flood headlined “IRS silent on timing of visit to journalist Matt Taibbi’s home, how often it makes house calls”:

The IRS was silent about how often it dispatches agents to people’s homes Tuesday on the heels of journalist Matt Taibbi saying he received an unannounced visit from Uncle Sam at his New Jersey residence.

Taibbi, a Substack journalist who played a key role in Twitter owner Elon Musk’s efforts to reveal the social media juggernaut’s once-secret communications, was visited by an IRS agent on March 9. That was the same day he testified before the newly Republican-created Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about what he learned about Twitter.

The IRS did not answer a series of questions from Fox News Digital, including how often agents show up at people’s homes and whether Taibbi’s role in “Twitter Files” had anything to do with his visit. “Federal law prohibits IRS from commenting on an individual taxpayer matter,” a spokesperson said.

The “Twitter Files” have provided revelations about how and why Twitter banned former President Trump, the existence of so-called “shadowbanning,” censorship of opinions deemed misinformation about COVID-19, the behind-the-scenes machinations around censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, and more.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board criticized the IRS and noted it normally sends a letter or schedules a meeting at the agent’s office rather than make unannounced visits to taxpayers’ homes.

Members of Congress have also questioned what the IRS was doing, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas tweeted it “absolutely stinks to high heaven” because the “IRS has a troubling history of targeting the political enemies of Democrats.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the House Judiciary Chairman, sent a pair of letters Monday to try and get answers.

Taibbi has said he won’t discuss the situation for the time being.

“I don’t want to comment on the IRS issue pending an answer to chairman @Jim_Jordan’s letter. I’m not worried for myself, but I did feel the Committee should be aware of the situation,” Taibbi tweeted.

Earlier this month, Taibbi slammed House Democrats for their “comically inept” attacks during the heated Capitol Hill hearing that occurred as IRS agents visited his home.

“I expected them to attack us, but they were really comically inept attacks and cut off any attempt to engage in any kind of conversation about the material and really just tried to get us to… admit that Russian interference happened,” Taibbi told Brian Kilmeade.

Some Democrats were accused of heckling Taibbi to reveal his sources, including Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, and Ranking Member Stacey Plaskett, D-Virgin Islands.

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