About Ralph Nader Launching a Newspaper

From The Poynter Report:

In late January, Poynter published an article about how Ralph Nader, “the consumer advocate, former presidential candidate and scourge of corporate interests,” was launching a newspaper.

“At age 88,” it read, “Nader is still going strong and, beginning with his hometown in northwest Connecticut, he’s determined to do something about the ‘news desert’ crisis in local journalism.”

Nader put up $15,000 to fund the first print edition of The Winsted Citizen. The next edition … not so much.

“Nader has yet to provide promised funding for the second edition, which was distributed Friday,” Bob Sillick reports for Editor & Publisher. “Instead, he offered, but did not deliver, an $8,000 loan, which (publisher and editor Andy) Thibault said the paper will not accept. Payroll also has not been met for more than two weeks. The paper is applying to foundations for emergency grants and is continuing to build advertising and subscription revenue.”

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