The Trump Grand Jury Media Tour

From a Wall Street Journal editorial:

Grand juries aren’t intended to be media spectacles, but add Emily Kohrs to the list of people who have lost their bearings in the vicinity of Donald Trump. Ms. Kohrs, age 30, was the foreperson of a Georgia special grand jury examining the possibility of criminal interference in the state’s 2020 election. She is now capping that civic service with a damaging press tour.

So far Ms. Kohrs has spoken at length to NBC, CNN, the Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Times. The grand jury’s report hasn’t been released in full, and the public hasn’t been told whether it recommends charges against Mr. Trump, his aides, or both. Ms. Kohrs keeps teasing. “It is not a short list,” she said. As for Mr. Trump: “We definitely discussed him a lot in the room.”

She said the jury heard multiple “recordings of President Trump on the phone,” including some that were “privately recorded by people or recorded by a staffer.” The Atlanta newspaper told Ms. Kohrs that Mr. Trump was proclaiming that the grand jury report exonerated him. “She rolled her eyes and then burst out laughing,” the reporters wrote. “Did he really say that?” she replied. “Oh, that’s fantastic. That’s phenomenal. I love it.’” Lady Justice is supposed to wear a blindfold, not mock the potential accused.

What if prosecutors decide against bringing charges? “I will be frustrated if nothing happens,” she told CNN. “This was too much information, too much of my time, too much of everyone’s time . . . ” The call on whether to bring a case ultimately falls to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and an indictment would go through a regular grand jury.

But Ms. Kohrs is doing a disservice to impartial justice. The Atlanta paper reports that she swore in one witness while “holding a Ninja Turtle Popsicle she had just received at an ice cream party thrown by the DA’s office.” She said serving on the jury was “really cool.” Ms. Kohrs said she has never voted, although she told the AP she tends to agree more with Democrats.

None of this is “really cool.” Recommending to put any fellow citizen on trial, and maybe in prison, is serious business, and this case happens to involve a former President and current 2024 candidate. We wonder why the DA couldn’t persuade Ms. Kohrs about her obligation to stay silent, and the blabbering won’t help her case.

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