Finalists for the 2023 National Magazine Awards

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced the finalists for the 2023 National Magazine Awards. The 58th annual awards honor media organizations, including magazines, websites, newspapers, and audio and video production companies, for editorial excellence in categories ranging from Reporting and Feature Writing to Podcasting and Video.

ASME will announce the winners of the National Magazine Awards on March 28 in Manhattan. The finalists and winners of the ASME Award for Fiction, the ASME Awards for Design, Photography and Illustration, and the ASME NEXT Awards for Journalists Under 30 will also be honored.

This year, 17 National Magazine Awards will be presented, including two new awards, for Columns and Essays and Reviews and Criticism.

Twenty publications are nominated for the most prestigious honor, General Excellence. Repeat finalists in General Excellence categories this year are New York (eighth consecutive year), Audubon (fifth consecutive year), The New York Times Magazine and Stranger’s Guide (fourth consecutive year), The Atlantic (third consecutive year), and Grist and Harper’s Bazaar (second consecutive year).

The five media organizations nominated for the first time in any category are Articles of Interest, Louisville, Rest of World, Romper and Serial Productions.

ASME also today announced both finalists and winners for the ASME Award for Fiction, ASME Awards for Design, Photography and Illustration and the ASME NEXT Awards for Journalists Under 30.

The ASME Award for Fiction winner is The Paris Review for “Trial Run,” by Zach Williams, “Winter Term,” by Michelle de Kretser, and “A Good Samaritan,” by Addie E. Citchens.

Winners of the ASME Awards for Design, Photography and Illustration are The Verge (Best Print Design), Rolling Stone (Best Digital Design), The New Yorker (Best News and Entertainment Photograph), Texas Monthly (Best Service and Lifestyle Photograph), WIRED (Best Profile Photograph), The New Yorker (Best News and Entertainment Story), New York (Best Service and Lifestyle Story), The Atlantic (Best Print Illustration), The Marshall Project (Best Digital Illustration) and Virginia Quarterly Review (Best Illustrated Story).

The honorees for ASME NEXT Awards for Journalists Under 30 are Brock Colyar, features writer, New York Magazine; Jerusalem Demsas, staff writer, The Atlantic; Adrienne Green, deputy editor, special projects, The New York Times Magazine; Jack Herrera, senior editor, Texas Monthly; and Nicholas Konrad, art director, The New Yorker.

Established in 1966, the National Magazine Awards are sponsored by the American Society of Magazine Editors in association with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and are administered by ASME. Originally limited to print magazines, the awards now recognize magazine journalism published in any medium.

This year 243 national and regional media organizations entered the National Magazine Awards, submitting 426 print entries, 526 digital entries and 121 multiplatform entries.

The judging of the 58th annual National Magazine Awards was held in conjunction with the judging of the 6th annual ASME Award for Fiction; the 3rd annual ASME Awards for Design, Photography and Illustration; and the 8th annual ASME NEXT Awards for Journalists Under 30. The 291 print-and digital-magazine editors, art directors, photo editors and journalism educators who judged the National Magazine Awards met in person at Columbia University and virtually on Zoom on January 12 and 19 to choose the 2023 finalists.

Winners receive “Ellies,” the elephant-shaped statuettes modeled on Alexander Calder’s stabile “Elephant Walking,” created in 1942.


1. General Excellence, News, Sports and Entertainment

The Atlantic
ESPN Digital
New York
The New York Times Magazine
The Verge

2. General Excellence, Service and Lifestyle

Cook’s Illustrated
Good Housekeeping
Harper’s Bazaar
Men’s Health

3. General Excellence, Special Interest

The Marshall Project

4. General Excellence, Literature, Science and Politics

Mother Jones
The Paris Review
Stranger’s Guide

5. Podcasting

Articles of Interest for Radiotopia From PRX for three episodes of “American Ivy,” hosted by Avery Trufelman: “Chapter 1,” “Chapter 2” and “Chapter 3”
Crooked Media for Audacy for three episodes of “Mother Country Radicals,” hosted by Zayd Ayers Dohrn: “Chapter 1: The Most Dangerous Woman in America,” “Chapter 2: Days of Rage” and “Chapter 3: I Am a Revolutionary”

The Economist for three episodes of “The Prince,” hosted by Sue-Lin Wong: “Episode 1: Redder Than Red,” “Episode 2: Hide and Bide” and “Episode 3: Patriot Number One”
Gimlet Media for Spotify for three episodes of “Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s,” hosted by Connie Walker: “Episode 1: The Police Officer and the Priest,” “Episode 3: Don’t Play With This” and “Episode 4: Not a Place to Be”

Serial Productions for The New York Times for three episodes of “The Trojan Horse Affair,” hosted by Brian Reed and Hamza Syed: “Part 1: The Letter in the Brown Paper Envelope,” “Part 2: The Case of the Four Resignations” and “Part 3: Sir Albert and the Missing ‘H’”

6. Video

Cook’s Illustrated for “What’s Eating Dan: Asparagus”

Eater for “How One of Philly’s Best Pizza Spots Creates Jobs for the Formerly Incarcerated—First Person,” produced by Carla Francescutti

Insider for “The True Cost of Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” produced by Katie Nixdorf
Mother Jones for “Failure to Protect,” reported by Samantha Michaels, produced by Mark Helenowski

The New Yorker for “American Scar,” directed and produced by Daniel Lombroso, and “Nuisance Bear,” directed by Jack Weisman and Gabriela Osio Vanden

7. Design

Bon Appétit for “Food Is Queer,” “Best New Restaurants” and December 2022/January 2023 issue

GQ for June/July issue, “Metamorphosis” opening spread and “Jacob’s Ladder” opening spread

The Marshall Project for “Anatomy of a Murder Confession,” “Testify” and “The Rise and Fall of a Prison Town Queen”

New York for “A Practical Guide to Accessing an Abortion Today and Tomorrow,” “200 Restaurants, 100 Tips” and “The Strategist Holiday Gift Guide”

Rest of World for “In the Dark,” “How Chinese Citizens Use Puns to Get Past Internet Censors” and “Welcome to the Ambaniverse”

8. Photography

Harper’s Bazaar for “Origin Story,” photographs by Renell Medrano, “On Beauty,” photographs by Cass Bird, Renell Medrano, Josh Olins and Amy Troost, and “On With the Show,” photographs by Jody Rogac

National Geographic for “Notre Dame Rises Again,” photographs by Tomas van Houtryve, “Untouched by Time, This Pristine World Soars High Above the Amazon,” photographs by Matthew Irving, Renan Ozturk and Ryan Valasek, and “Britain’s Stone Age Building Boom,” photographs by Reuben Wu and Alice Zoo

New York for “Voyage of the Gross,” photographs by Thomas Prior, “The Pleasures of Outdoor Dining,” photograph by Beth Sacca, photo-manipulation by Joe Darrow, and “Reasons to Love New York,” photographs by Pelle Cass

The New Yorker for “A Harrowed Land,” photographs by James Nachtwey, “Waiting for the Bus in Uvalde,” photographs by Greg Miller, and “Blade Runners,” photographs by Philip Montgomery

Smithsonian for “Gather the Wild Figs,” photographs by Christie Hemm Klok, “The Inner Passage,” photographs by Virginia Richards, and “Flesh, Blood and Bronze,” photographs by Vincent Tullo

9. Single-Topic Issue

Bon Appétit for “Food Is Queer”

Louisville With Louisville Public Media for “home.”

New York for “Ten Years Since Trayvon”
Stranger’s Guide for “The Ukraine That Was . . . and the One That Will Be”

Undark for “Long Division: The Persistence of Race Science”

10. Service Journalism

Golf Digest for “Hot List: 2022 Equipment Guide,” “Build Your Own Bag” and “Surviving the Hot List”

The Guardian US for “What a Pregnancy Actually Looks Like Before 10 Weeks–In Pictures,” by Poppy Noor

New York for “The Strategist Holiday Gift Guide”

Romper for “Best C-Section Ever,” including “What No One Tells You About C-Sections” and “Your Complete Guide To Recovering From a C-Section,” both by Natalia Hailes

SELF for “The Future of Fitness Issue,” including “The Relentless Reality of Anti-Fatness in Fitness,” by Kelsey Miller, and “6 Ways Fitness Instructors Can Check Their Anti-Fat Bias,” by Jessamyn Stanley

11. Lifestyle Journalism

5280 for “Stars Bright,” by Jessica LaRusso

Eater for “The United States of Fried Chicken,” with “Pick the Best Fast Food” and “How LA’s Honey’s Kettle Has Been Perfecting Fried Chicken for 40 Years—First Person,” produced by Carla Francescutti, and “How Pecking House’s Chili Fried Chicken Became a Smash Hit in NYC—First Person,” produced by Connor Reid

Food & Wine for “The Best Places to Eat Filipino Food in Every State,” by Nicole Adrienne Ponseca and Danielle Muzones, “Pinoy Pride,” by Khushbu Shah, and “Big Dreams in Little Manila With Nicole Ponseca”

New York for “The Year of the Nepo Baby”

Texas Monthly for “Springs Eternal!”

12. Reporting

The Atlantic for “The Betrayal,” by George Packer

ESPN Digital for “Untold,” by Tom Junod and Paula Lavigne
The Marshall Project With Dallas Morning News for “Anatomy of a Murder Confession,” by Maurice Chammah

Mother Jones for “She Never Hurt Her Kids. So Why Is a Mother Serving More Time Than the Man Who Abused Her Daughter?,” by Samantha Michaels

The New York Times Magazine for “The Battle for Baby L.,” by Rozina Ali

New Yorker for three articles by Luke Mogelson: “The Wound-Dressers,” “Everyone Is a Target” and “Trapped in the Trenches”

ProPublica for “The Night Raids,” by Lynzy Billing

13. Feature Writing

The Believer for “Aristocrat Inc.,” by Natalie So
Esquire for “The Militiamen, the Governor, and the Kidnapping That Wasn’t,” by Chris Heath

High Country News for “Underwater Legends,” by B. Toastie
New York for “What the Right Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop,” by Andrew Rice and Olivia Nuzzi

The New York Times Magazine for “The Mural and the Movement,” by Sarah A. Topol

The New Yorker for “The Floating World,” by Evan Osnos

ProPublica With Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for “The Landlord and the Tenant,” by Raquel Rutledge, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Ken Armstrong, ProPublica

14. Profile Writing

The Atlantic for “Absolute Power,” by Graeme Wood, and “American Rasputin,” by Jennifer Senior

New York for “The Woman Who Killed Roe,” by Kerry Howley

The New York Times Magazine for two articles by Jazmine Hughes: “Viola Davis, Inside Out” and “Ms. Big Mouth”

The New Yorker for “Light and Shadow,” by Raffi Khatchadourian

Outside for “School of Rocks,” by Sean Williams

Vanity Fair for “‘Who the Fuck Cares About Adam McKay?,’” by Joe Hagan

The Verge With Epic Magazine for “Searching for Susy Thunder,” by Claire L. Evans

15. Columns and Essays

The Atlantic for “Monuments to the Unthinkable,” by Clint Smith

New York for “Tinder Hearted,” by Allison P. Davis

The New York Times Magazine for two articles by Wesley Morris: “The Majesty, Legacy and Complicated Power of a Good Sob. For Crying Out Loud” and “Trash Nation”

The New Yorker for three articles by Jia Tolentino: “A Post-Roe Threat,” “The Post-Roe Era” and “Is Abortion Sacred?”

Stranger’s Guide for “Acid Church,” by Courtney Desiree Morris

Virginia Quarterly Review for “Reality Marble,” by Joseph Earl Thomas

The Washington Post Magazine “Why I’m Leaving America,” by DeNeen L. Brown

16. Reviews and Criticism

Harper’s Magazine for “National Treasure,” by Dan Piepenbring

Harper’s Bazaar for three articles by Rachel Tashjian: “Christopher John Rogers and the Dawn of the Cultured Zoomer Doyenne,” “The Prada Show Was Confusing. But That’s the Point.” and “I Love Joan Didion’s Stuff”

New York for three articles by Andrea Long Chu: “Hanya’s Boys,” “Ottessa Moshfegh Is Praying for Us” and “The Mixed Metaphor”

The New York Review of Books for “‘She’s Capital!,’” by Namwali Serpell

T: The New York Times Style Magazine for two articles by Ligaya Mishan: “Before There Was Man; Before There Was Woman,” and “The Borrowers”

17. Public Interest

The Atlantic for “We Need to Take Away Children.,” by Caitlin Dickerson

Glamour for “The Time to Pass Paid Leave Is Now,” by Natasha Pearlman, and “28 Days,” by Natasha Pearlman and Ruhama Wolle

The New York Times Magazine for “The Battle Over Gender Therapy,” by Emily Bazelon

The New Yorker for three articles by Stephania Taladrid: “An Abortion Odyssey,” “Roe’s Final Hours in One of America’s Largest Abortion Clinics” and “The Abortion Underground”

ProPublica for “Human Trafficking’s Newest Abuse: Forcing Victims Into Cyberscamming,” by Cezary Podkul with Cindy Liu, “What’s a Pig Butchering Scam? Here’s How to Avoid Falling Victim to One.,” by Cezary Podkul, and “Authorities Raid Alleged Cyberscam Compounds in Cambodia,” by Cezary Podkul

STAT for “Death Sentence,” by Nicholas Florko

Vanity Fair for “The ‘Feres’ Doctrine: The Fight to End a Systemic Miscarriage of Military Justice,” by Maximillian Potter



The Paris Review for “Trial Run,” by Zach Williams, “Winter Term,” by Michelle de Kretser, and “A Good Samaritan,” by Addie E. Citchens


Alta Journal for “He Dreams About the Bunny Ranch,” by Allie Rowbottom, “Taro,” by Karen Tei Yamashita, and “My Chicano Heart,” by Daniel A. Olivas

Freeman’s for “Star,” by Kali Fajardo-Anstine, “On Jawless Fish,” by Tess Gunty, and “The Tongue,” by Mieko Kawakami, translated by Hitomi Yoshio

The New Yorker for “Occupational Hazards,” by Jamil Jan Kochai, “Peking Duck,” by Ling Ma, and “Café Loup,” by Ben Lerner

The Yale Review for “The Front House,” by Cord Jefferson, “Regular Visitors,” by Monica Ferrell, and “The Postman,” by Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu


Best Print Design


The Verge for “Homeland”


Bon Appétit for “Best New Restaurants”

Kazoo for “The Brave Issue”

New York for “Ten Years of Re-Re-Re-Re-Downloading Tinder”

The New York Times Magazine for “The Tech and Design Issue”

Best Digital Design


Rolling Stone for “The DJ and the War Crimes”


Bon Appétit for “10 Best New Restaurants 2022”

The New York Times Magazine for “A Mystery Hidden in a Family Photograph”

The New Yorker for “The Blade Runners Powering a Wind Farm”

The Verge for “The Great Fiction of AI”

Best News and Entertainment Photograph


The New Yorker for “Waiting for the Bus in Uvalde,” photograph by Greg Miller


The Hollywood Reporter for “Lupita,” photograph by Christian Cody

New York for “Reasons to Love New York,” photographs by Pelle Cass

Noema for “China Dreams of a Palace in the Sky,” photograph by Matjaž Tančič

Best Service and Lifestyle Photograph


Texas Monthly for “Pull Over!,” photograph by Jeff Wilson


Garden & Gun for “Scoop the Ultimate Southern Sundae,” photograph by Johnny Autry

New York for “The Pleasures of Outdoor Dining,” photograph by Beth Sacca, photo-manipulation by Joe Darrow

Women’s Health for “‘I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor and a Proud ‘Flattie.’ Here’s Why I Said No to Reconstructive Surgery,’” photograph by Kimber Capriotti

Best Profile Photograph


WIRED for “The Multifarious Multiplexity of Taika Waititi,” photograph by Jessica Chou


Bon Appétit for “Ceyenne Doroshow’s ‘Cooking in Heels’ Is a Culinary Ode to Black Trans Womanhood,” photograph by Miranda Barnes

New York for “The Institution,” photograph by Philip Montgomery

Texas Highways for “One Man’s Treasure,” photograph by Nathan Lindstrom

Texas Monthly for “Mr. Steal Your Grandma,” photograph by Peter Yang

Best News and Entertainment Story


The New Yorker for “A Harrowed Land,” photographs by James Nachtwey


The Marshall Project for “‘No Place for a Child,’” photographs by Kirsten Luce

New York for “Voyage of the Gross,” photographs by Thomas Prior

The New York Times Magazine for “Vanishing Act,” photographs by Jack Davison

POLITICO for “Segregated Classrooms, Single-Parent Picnics and Overwhelmed Maternity Wards,” photographs by Nanna Muus Steffensen

Best Service and Lifestyle Story


New York for “What Abortion Actually Looks Like,” photographs by the Abortion Project


ELLE for “Welcome to the ’60s,” photographs by Adrienne Raquel

The New York Times Magazine for “The Voyages Issue,” photographs by Antoine d’Agata, Lyle Ashton Harris with Ryan Rusiecki, Yael Martínez, Gareth McConnell, Matthew Pillsbury and Robin Schwartz

Stranger’s Guide for “Turning a Look,” photographs by Léone Julitte

Texas Observer for “Are You Ok?,” photographs by Jesse Freidin

Best Print Illustration


The Atlantic for “My Escape From the Taliban,” illustration by Sally Deng


Kazoo for “Look for the Light,” illustration by Lucy Knisley

New York for “How Blue Man Blew Up,” illustration by André Carrilho

Noema for “How Black America Fell Out of Love With Africa,” illustration by Uréchi Oguguo

Vanity Fair for “What Lies Beneath,” illustration by Yuko Shimizu

Best Digital Illustration


The Marshall Project for “Who’s Really Cycling In and Out of Cleveland’s Courts?,” illustration by Rapapawn


The Atlantic for “They Called Her ‘Black Jet,’” illustration by Esiri Essi
Emergence for “When the Earth Started to Sing,” illustration by Daniel Liévano

The New Yorker for “We’re Not Going Back to the Time Before Roe. We’re Going Somewhere Worse,” illustration by Chloe Cushman

POLITICO for “Are You Married to Kellyanne Conway? A Real Therapist Has Some Advice.,” illustration by Michelle Rohn with Getty Images

Best Illustrated Story


Virginia Quarterly Review for “Drawn to War,” illustrations and text by George Butler


The Marshall Project for “Judges Have Real Power in Cleveland. Who’s Voting for Them?,” illustrations by John G

The New York Times Magazine for “The New World: Envisioning Life After Climate Change,” illustrations by Anuj Shrestha

The New Yorker for “The Maestro of Madison Square Garden,” illustrations by Millie von Platen
he Verge for “How to Replace the Sky,” a comic by Matt Huynh



Brock Colyar, Features Writer, New York Magazine
Nominated by Carl Swanson, Features Editor, New York Magazine

Jerusalem Demsas, Staff Writer, The Atlantic
Nominated by Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief, The Atlantic

Adrienne N. Green, Deputy Editor, Special Projects, The New York Times Magazine
Nominated by Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief, The New York Times Magazine

Jack Herrera, Senior Editor, Texas Monthly
Nominated by Bob Moser, Senior Editor, Texas Monthly

Nicholas Konrad, Art Director, The New Yorker
Nominated by Nicholas Blechman, Creative Director, The New Yorker

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