Now the Press Tells Democrats Why They’re in Trouble

From a Wall Street Journal editorial:

The midterm election isn’t over until the votes of suburban women sing, but you can tell Democrats are in trouble by reading the liberal columnists in the last couple of days. The angst is palpable, and they’ve begun to blame Democrats for their strategy and communication.

“Democrats Have Alienated the Voters They Need Most,” says a headline at Bloomberg.

“Messaging isn’t Democrats’ problem with the midterms. Reality is,” says one at the Washington Post.

“Wake up, Democrats. Don’t let Republicans own the issue of violent crime,” says a column in the Los Angeles Times.

The news here is that these “pre-mortems”—and we could point to many others—are coming from progressive writers who want Democrats to win. They’re upset that the polls are predicting a rough night on Tuesday, and they’re getting their licks in early to knock their allies for losing to, egad, those evil Republicans.

Recriminations are inevitable when a party gets a drubbing, and they’re useful as a way of understanding what happened and why. But it’s something else to hear the same liberal organs that cheered Democrats all along the way during the last election and this Congress now be dismayed that Democrats are losing.

This is the same media crowd that supported Democrats when they defunded police in 2020 and pooh-poohed the summer riots that ruined entire neighborhoods. The same crowd that jeered at doubters who warned that the American Rescue Plan Act of March 2021 was spending way too much in an already recovering economy. And the same crowd that supported school and business pandemic shutdowns that inspired a voter backlash.

We and others warned about all this, but too many Democrats and their media allies live in a progressive bubble that ignores competing ideas. If Democrats lose Tuesday, one reason will be this closed ideological feedback loop.

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