How the Media Is Covering Trump Again Running for President

From The Poynter Report with Tom Jones:

Two story leads jumped out to me following Donald Trump’s announcement that he is running for president in 2024.

First, this one from The Washington Post’s Isaac Arnsdorf and Michael Scherer, who wrote, “Donald Trump, the twice-impeached former president who refused to concede defeat and inspired a failed attempt to overturn the 2020 election culminating in a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, officially declared on Tuesday night that he is running to retake the White House in 2024.”

Then there was this from NPR’s Domenico Montanaro: “Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, announced he is running again for president in 2024.”

Meanwhile, as Media Matters’ Matt Gertz notes, the Associated Press, New York Times and Politico, in their main stories of Trump’s announcement, all mentioned election subversion in the first paragraph. Many others — CNN, The Los Angeles Times and NBC News — mentioned election subversion in the first 10 paragraphs.

In Wednesday’s newsletter, I detailed some of the other reactions to Trump’s announcement, including The New York Times’ editorial with this headline: “America Deserves Better Than Donald Trump.”

The editors of the conservative National Review were even more clear and a whole lot shorter in their headline. In fact, the headline couldn’t get any shorter. It was “No.”

The National Review editors wrote, “To paraphrase Voltaire after he attended an orgy, once was an experiment, twice would be perverse.”

They later added, “It’s too early to know what the rest of the field will look like, except it will offer much better alternatives than Trump. The answer to Trump’s invitation to remain personally and politically beholden to him and his cracked obsessions for at least another two years, with all the chaos that entails and the very real possibility of another highly consequential defeat, should be a firm, unmistakable, No.”

The ratings game

Millions tuned into Trump’s announcement. During the 9 p.m. Eastern hour Tuesday night, Fox News drew 5.16 million total viewers, while CNN (which showed about half of Trump’s hourlong speech) drew 2.43 million. Those are better than normal numbers in that time slot. MSNBC did not air the speech and the show on at that time, “Alex Wagner Tonight,” averaged 1.8 million viewers.

Florida man

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post continues to move away from Donald Trump. A week after its “Trumpty Dumpty” front page made fun of the former president, the Post took another dig at Trump on Wednesday.

Trump and his announcement that he is running for president in 2024 was not the main story featured on Wednesday’s front page. (A story about gangs in New York was.) Trump’s announcement was stripped across the bottom, but here’s what it said:

“Florida man makes announcement.” It told readers to go to page 26.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, who knows Trump as well as any journalist, tweeted, “The Post – and Murdoch – know better than anyone that the biggest wound Trump can suffer is people not saying his name.”

Throwback Thursday

We all are dissecting and inspecting how Rupert Murdoch’s media empire — which includes the New York Post, Wall Street Journal and Fox News — is treating Donald Trump these days. There are plenty of signs that Murdoch is backing away from Trump. But Michael Calderone — a veteran media reporter and editor — reminded us in a tweet Thursday that this isn’t the first time we’re seeing cracks in the Murdoch-Trump relationship.

Go all the way back to July of 2015 and this headline of a Calderone story in for HuffPost: “Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Split Over Donald Trump.”

Calderone, who now works at Vanity Fair, noted in his tweet that Trump has gotten some “rough treatment” in the Post and that there seems to be a divide between how the Post and Wall Street Journal are treating Trump’s announcement, and how Fox News did. Fox News, at least immediately following Trump’s announcement, was very positive about Trump.

For example, Fox News’ host Sean Hannity said on air, “I’m watching this president at this hour and I’m seeing a guy that looks like he is dead-on focused.” And guest Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Republican governor called Trump’s speech “pitch perfect” and said he would be “unbeatable” by any Republican or Democrat if he stuck to his message for the next two years.

So, yeah, let’s not say all of Murdoch’s properties have turned on Trump. As of now, the most powerful part of Murduch’s media empire — Fox News’ primetime — remains in Trump’s corner.

As Calderone notes, it sounds a lot like 2015.

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