New York Times Drops Plans for Kids App

From a Wall Street Journal story by Patience Haggin and Alexandra Bruell headlined “New York Times Drops Plans for Kids App”:

The New York Times is canceling its plans to launch an app for children, according to an internal email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The development of a kids app came as the Times has been increasingly focusing on areas beyond news. It has acquired the sports-media site The Athletic and the popular game Wordle, it has a Cooking app and also has the Wirecutter, a product-recommendation site.

The company, which has been promoting those services to subscribers in a bundle, determined that the kids app was no longer a worthwhile investment.

 “When we launched our Kids venture three years ago, it was before we acquired The Athletic and Wordle, both of which rapidly changed the opportunity size of our subscription bundle. Ultimately, our Kids app caters to a smaller market at a time when we need to focus on scaling our subscription business,” Times chief product officer Alex Hardiman said.

Ms. Hardiman said the Times would wind down the team working on the kids app in the coming weeks and try to reassign as many staffers as possible to other roles.

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