Who Provided the Most Critical Hurricane Ian Coverage?

From The Poynter Report with Tom Jones:

As projections had powerful Hurricane Ian headed straight for the Tampa Bay area, my wife and I evacuated our St. Petersburg, Florida, home to avoid the devastating storm.

To keep track of what was happening from our far-away hotel room, we occasionally tuned into CNN and The Weather Channel, but mostly, we did what most Florida residents do when a storm sets its eyes on the state. We turned to local news.

Newspapers, local TV and radio stations and, most of all, Florida’s meteorologists became our lifelines to the most important and accurate news. During every waking hour, not more than a half hour went by when we weren’t checking the Twitter feeds and Facebook accounts of Tampa Bay meteorologists Denis Phillips of Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News and Paul Dellegatto from Tampa Bay’s Fox 13. Both have been with their Florida stations since the 1990s. I had to recharge my phone constantly because of watching local newscasts from around the state.

Meanwhile, residents from other parts of the state turned to their trusted weather experts and local news outlets. Newspapers and TV stations throughout the state covered not only how Ian was impacting where the hurricane directly hit, but how the storm was affecting the rest of the state.

When people say journalism matters, that’s never more true than dealing with actual life and death matters like a major hurricane.

National networks such as CNN and The Weather Channel effectively told the country what was happening in Florida, but it was local journalism that informed those who were being most impacted by the storm.

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The storm has long moved away from Florida, but its impact will last for quite some time. Here’s a look at more outstanding journalism regarding Hurricane Ian:

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