How Much Money Would You Need to Live Your Ideal Life?

From a story on Quartz by Sarah Todd headlined “How much money would you need to live your ideal life?”:

Picture your ideal life—everything from where you’d live and what projects you’d pursue to the vacations you’d take, the hobbies you’d invest in, the food you would eat, and the kinds of clothes you’d wear.

How much money would it take to satisfy all your desires?

That’s the question at the crux of a recent study published in the journal Nature Sustainability, which surveyed about 220 people in each of 33 countries about the amount of wealth they’d require to live their version of an ideal life. Based on this number, participants were asked to choose the prize they’d hope to win in a lottery, with options ranging from $10,000 at the low end to $100 billion at the high end—an amount so large, the study’s author’s say, that it’s tantamount to unlimited wealth.

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