More Voters See the Democratic Party As Having Drifted Out of the Mainstream

From a story on headlined “Vanishing moderate Dems”:

Jason Zengerle writes in the N.Y. Times Magazine cover story that normal midterm agita is becoming “closer to an existential crisis among moderate Democrats,” who “readily acknowledge that voters perceive the party as having drifted out of the mainstream.”

  • “And they are convinced that this is threatening their political survival.”

Zengerle says some of these progressive shifts — especially on economic issues, including raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and increasing the federal minimum wage — track with public opinion.

  • “But on social, cultural and religious issues, particularly those related to criminal justice, race, abortion and gender identity, the Democrats have taken up ideological stances that many of the college-educated voters who now make up a sizable portion of the party’s base cheer but the rest of the electorate does not.”

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