Latest News in the Russia-Ukraine War

From the Wall Street Journal:

Ukraine: Russian forces gained ground in the Donbas region, potentially encircling a large group of Ukrainian forces fighting in the easternmost part of Ukrainian-administered Donbas. The civilian death toll from renewed Russian shelling on the northeastern city of Kharkiv rose to nine.

The Biden administration is preparing to send the long-range rocket systems Kyiv says are necessary to fight off the Russian onslaught, officials said.

President Volodymyr Zelensky joined other senior Ukrainian officials in denouncing suggestions that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia in return for peace. War has shaped Ukraine’s political institutions at least since the aftermath of World War II, and it now looks certain to do so well into the future.

A Ukrainian man who survived Russian beatings and death threats recounted his ordeal. Russia said it would retrain Ukrainian teachers in occupied regions, part of Moscow’s effort to establish control over the territory.

Russia: A group of under-the-radar commodity traders are cashing in on Russian oil, stepping in to buy and transport crude to customers as their bigger rivals retreat from the market.

Russia expelled Croatian diplomats, continuing a series of tit-for-tat measures deepening Moscow’s isolation.

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