Latest News in Russia-Ukraine War

From the Wall Street Journal:

Ukraine: Russian forces were pushing to encircle two citiesin eastern Ukraine, part of an all-out Russian assault in an effort to take control of the Donbas region. The governor of Luhansk province said the situation for Ukrainian forces in one of the cities, Severodonetsk, was dire.

Four rockets struck the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhizhia, which has remained relatively safe since the start of the invasion.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said Moscow is willing to consider a prisoner exchange, but only after Ukrainian prisoners have been put on trial, convicted and sentenced.

A Russian official said Moscow is open to easing its blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports if sanctions on Moscow are lifted.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin visited war wounded and ordered higher payouts for those fighting in Ukraine and for the families of dead soldiers, while parliament adopted a bill lifting age limits for military enlistment, as Moscow seeks to boost morale and replenish its forces.

Europe: The prime ministers of Georgia and Moldova called for faster acceptance to the European Union, citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a threat to their stability and Europe’s security architecture. Turkish officials laid out objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO in discussions in Ankara.

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