Some Favorite, Underused, Cool Words

From a story on headlined “More words for your repertoire”:

I have to be honest with you: We simply wanted to share with you an example of a sentence with the 10 most frequently used words in it. We just did! They’re in bold.

  • Now let’s move on to rarer words: Last week we asked you for your favorite underused, cool words that ought to be elevated.

Why it matters: We received a thousand emails from our readers with funny, heartwarming, unique submissions.

Here’s a selection — with Merriam-Webster definitions:

  • perspicacious: possessing acute skills of discernment.
  • mellifluous: having a smooth, rich flow.
  • crepuscular: resembling twilight or something that occurs at twilight.
  • peripatetic: traveling from place to place.
  • halcyon: characterized by happiness, great success and prosperity.
  • jejune: devoid of significance or interest.
  • pauciloquy: brevity in speech.
  • hamartia: a tragic flaw in a hero or heroine.
  • bucolic: an idyllic quality typical of rural life.
  • popinjay: a strutting, supercilious person.
  • alacrity: promptness in response; cheerful readiness.
  • tintinnabulation: the ringing, jingling, tinkling of bells.
  • bloviate: verboseness in speaking or writing.
  • sangfroid: extreme calmness and steadiness under pressure.

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