Late Night Update on Russian Invasion of Ukraine


The latest:

From CNN:’s lead story right now: “Russian warship sinks in the Black Sea after Ukraine claims it was hit by a missile…”

— On “New Day” Thursday, anchor Brianna Keilar broke down in tears while reportingon the deaths of Ukrainian children…

— The presenter of the BBC’s “Ukrainecast” podcast, Vitaly Shevchenko, shared an emotional update about evacuating family members to Poland…

— Bloomberg’s Margi Murphy writes: “A Kremlin-backed Twitter campaign claiming the Bucha massacre was a hoax orchestrated by the U.K and U.S. has become Russia’s most aggressive disinformation campaign of the Ukraine war yet…”

— “Twitter users are exposing pro-Russian sentiment in China, and Beijing is not happy,” CNN’s Simone McCarthy reports…

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