Late Night News on the Russia-Ukraine War

From the Wall Street Journal:

Latest News in the Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine: The last Ukrainian troops holding out in besieged Mariupol rejected Moscow’s ultimatum on Sunday that they surrender or face destruction by Russian forces, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned an all-out Russian assault on the troops would endanger further peace negotiations.

The United Nations’ human-rights agency said it has recorded 1,982 civilian deaths from the war, the majority from shelling, rockets, missiles and airstrikes. It warned that the actual figures could be considerably higher.

Russia: Russia warned of the potential for unintended incidents with NATO forces in the Arctic, citing what it called a destabilizing military buildup in the region by the U.S.-led bloc.

The U.S. confirmed that the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet sank Thursday after being hit by a Ukrainian cruise-missile attack. Its sinking recalled great naval battles of the past that are remembered as turning points.

World-Wide: The Biden administration is warning of financial implications for countries that don’t condemn the brutality of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Pope Francis prayed for peace in Ukraine in his Easter Sunday Mass, warning that the conflict could lead to nuclear war.

Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen Hit by Russian Missile

A missile struck a kitchen used by chef José Andrés’s humanitarian organization in Ukraine over Easter weekend, injuring four members of the team, the nonprofit said.

The World Central Kitchen in Kharkiv was blasted by a Russian missile on Saturday, Mr. Andres said.

“The @WCKitchen team and our fellow Ukrainians are unnerved but safe after a missile attack on a restaurant in Kharkiv,” the Spanish-American chef wrote in Spanish on Twitter.

“Giving food in the middle of a senseless war is an act of courage, resilience, resistance…and we will continue cooking,” he continued, ending his message with the Ukrainian flag.

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