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From The Poynter Report with Tom Jones:

Ezra Klein’s column

New York Times opinion columnist Ezra Klein writes about the big media news of the week in ”Elon Musk Got Twitter Because He Gets Twitter.” Klein notes that many of Twitter’s power users are political, media, entertainment and technology elites. And many are worried about what’s going to happen next with Twitter.

Klein smartly writes, “At about this point, the answer probably seems obvious: Log off! One can, and many do. But it comes at a cost. To log off is to miss much that matters, in industries where knowing what matters is essential. It’s become cliché to say Twitter is not real life, and that’s true enough. But it shapes real life by shaping the perceptions of those exposed to it. It shapes real life by shaping what the media covers (it’s not for nothing that The New York Times is now urging reporters to unplug from Twitter and re-engage with the world outside their screens). It shapes real life by giving the politicians and business titans who master it control of the attentional agenda. Attention is currency, and Twitter is the most important market for attention that there is.”

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