CNN’s Late Night Update on Ukraine and Russia

From CNN’s Reliable Sources:

“Horrors of Russian occupation revealed”

Tuesday’s coverage of the war continued to spotlight the atrocities committed in Ukraine. The top headline on Tuesday evening read, “Horrors of Russian occupation revealed in Borodianka: Tortured civilians. Bodies in the street. Devastation in this Ukrainian town shows the atrocities of war.” And Jake Tapper opened up “CNN Tonight” with a clear message: “I’m going to warn you right now much of what you’re going to see this hour is graphic and can be disturbing,” Tapper said, “and that’s exactly what President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was driving home today.”

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“This is a very, very different war”

HBCU News Group chair Cesar Conde spoke with Axios’ Sara Fischer about coverage of the war in Ukraine at the digital outlet’s What’s Next Summit on Tuesday. Conde described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “prism into the state of journalism today.” He explained, “In many ways, we’re seeing the bravery and the courage of our incredible journalists and so many of our peers in journalism as well who are on the ground in harm’s way.”

Conde went on to say, “This is a very, very different war than what we’ve seen recently.” He explained that, as a result, it has “caused us to revisit some of our assumptions as far as preparation.” Conde said that in the past, NBC’s security prep has been “based on the assumption that we have some proximity to US military presence.” But as he noted, “That is not the case in Ukraine. And so that has forced us to be much more focused and thoughtful as it relates to preparations of security.”

Other news

— “It is clear to me that the Ukrainians will win this,” Sean Penn, back from the country, told Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. “The question is: At what cost?”  — Fox’s Jennifer Griffin tells People about how she worked with the Pentagon to help extract correspondent Benjamin Hall when he was injured reporting… (People)

— The Committee to Protect Journalists is calling on Russia to “immediately release” detained journalist Oleksandr Gunko and “stop detaining Ukrainian members of the press…” (CPJ)

— “In Putin’s war on Ukraine, journalists are targets, too,” Ann Marie Lipinski writes… (Nieman Reports)

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