CNN’s Late Night Update on Ukraine and Russia

From CNN’s late night update:

“The allies assemble”

That’s one of the headlines in the NYT’s latest war briefing newsletter. Through President Biden‘s busy day of meetings with fellow world leaders in Brussels, “the allies are trying to keep pressure on Russia with new sanctions and aid to Ukraine’s military,” Adam Pasick wrote. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer helmed much of the day’s coverage from Brussels, joined by Christiane Amanpour, Kaitlan Collins and others. Blitzer will anchor from Warsaw on Friday…

— The CNN homepage banner right now: “Ukraine tells US it needs 500 Javelins, 500 Stingers a day.” Here are the latest live updates…

— I have never seen an interview quite like this: CNN’s John Berman interviewed “Juice” and “Moonfish,” two Ukrainian fighter pilots, live on “New Day…”

“When things fall apart”

Jamie Maglietta writes: “The AFP Correspondent blog has combined the experiences of its teams in Ukraine to create a striking timeline of events since the invasion. In ‘When Things Fall Apart,’ AFP journalists ‘recount how they covered a conflict that has also shaken their own lives.’ For example, the news division set up a ‘Ukraine Crisis Team’ for journalists in the field. This feature also describes why ‘rotating’ teams in and out of Ukraine is important. Read about it here…

>> WaPo’s Jennifer Hassan published remembrances of the five journalists “killed in the first month of Russia’s war on Ukraine…”

 >> Related: Paul Farhi writes about how “fixers perform one of journalism’s most anonymous and thankless jobs — and one of its most dangerous…”

–Anton Troianovski recaps how some Russian state-media employees have publicly resigned, “citing regret for their roles in promoting false narratives about Ukraine.” He says the exits are “a sign of how the Kremlin is struggling to keep society fully unified behind the war…” (NYT)

On that topic: Sara Oates argues that Putin’s control “over Ukraine war news is being challenged by online news and risk-taking journalists…” (Nieman Lab)

— Kremlin organs are turning to the far-right video sharing outlet Rumble as “a last refuge of sorts for Sputnik podcasts,” Hailey Fuchs reports… (Politico)

“How to flood Putin’s ‘information desert:'” Evan Osnos examines the “new demand in the country for US-backed media and technology that has roots in the Cold War…” (New Yorker)

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