Latest News on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

From The Poynter Report with Tom Jones:

It has been difficult to consume all the awful stories coming out of Ukraine over the past three weeks. We woke up Thursday to another horror story when we learned that Russian forces bombed a theater that Ukrainians were using as a shelter. The Russians attacked the building despite the word “children” written in Russian in giant letters in the parking lot — signaling that there were children in the building. The words, written twice, were big enough to clearly be read from planes overhead.

That news came less than 24 hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave an impassioned speech to the U.S. Congress. On Thursday, Zelensky gave another stirring speech, this time to German leaders.

In his speech Wednesday, Zelensky struck a chord with his American audience by mentioning Pearl Harbor and 9/11. In Thursday’s much more pointed address to the Germans, Zelensky made a reference to the Holocaust when he said, “After 80 years, something like this happens and I am telling you: Every year politicians repeat the words ‘never again’ and now we see that these words are simply worth nothing. In Europe, a people is being destroyed. There is an attempt to destroy everything that is dear to us.”

He also said, “The world may not have seen so clearly yet, but you are separated from us by a kind of wall. Not a Berlin Wall, but a wall in the middle of Europe between freedom and a lack thereof. And this wall is getting taller with every bomb that falls on Ukraine. With every decision that is not made for peace.”

It’s almost impossible to see everything that is being written and recorded about Russia’s war in Ukraine. And I can understand the sentiment that it grows more and more arduous by the day to absorb it all. Yet, it remains critical.

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