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— Is Kyiv in trouble? Russian forces moved closer to the capital amid reports of new explosions and fighting in the northern suburbs. And heavy Russian shelling continued to rain down on other major cities, including a cancer hospital in Mykolaiv. Ukrainian officials said they were still holding off all major Russian advances, but warned that Russian forces near Kyiv appeared to be rearranging in a fresh effort to encircle and attack, per Reuters.

— Ukrainian officials alleged Russia was planning an attack at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which the defense ministry said Russia would try to use as a “false flag” operation to blame Ukraine. More from CNN

— Russia warned that any foreign weapons shipments to Ukraine are “legitimate targets” that it may seek to destroy. The deputy foreign minister also said Russia was working on retaliatory sanctions against the West. “But he said that the Kremlin was prepared to resume arms control talks with Washington,” per NBC’s Max Burman.

— In Russian-speaking Kharkiv, where bombing has flattened city streets and killed hundreds, once friendly sentiment toward Russia has turned into shock and anger that could endure for decades, WSJ’s Yaroslav Trofimov reports amid the rubble. From seriously damaged Irpin, Heidi Levine has a must-click photo series for WaPo: “For days I have witnessed the scenes of nightmares.”

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