Jacqui Banaszynski on Her Reading Habits

From a post on NiemanStoryboard by Jacqui Banaszynski about her reading habits:

Someone asked what news sources I am tapping. My list is not surprising: The New York Times, NPR, BBC World, the Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg. I dip into The New Yorker and the Atlantic as I can, and follow Esquire’s political writers, especially Charles P. Pierce when I need an unabashed jolt of smart snark.

It is overwhelming, yet not adequate. So I start my mornings with the headlines and then two must-reads for me: Poynter.org’s newsletter, where media writer Tom Jones lists top headlines and notable stories from a good range of sources, including broadcast. Then David Leonhardt’s morning newsletter in The New York Times, summarizing, with depth and accessibility, a primary subject for the day. I try to ease out a bit before dinner, but check the summary in Matt Kiser’s newsletter, WTF Just Happened Today; the core of that work is a summary of news out of Washington D.C., but these days that often touches on Ukraine. I tap Nieman Reports and Nieman Lab for posts about how journalists are doing their work and how the industry is being affected.

Then there are less traditional news sites and posts. Many come from those friends and former students I am privileged to have. Others are unexpected and rich: Essays and related literary suggestions from the Literary Hub; occasional notes from Maria Popova at the Marginalian, formerly known as Brain Pickings.

And oh, the Russians! I am just as hungry to know what’s going on there, among real people. But even as I type, a story coming to me through “On Point” on NPR is drilling into Putin’s decapitation of anything resembling an independent press.

There is nothing special about my go-to list — unless you count trustworthy as special, which I do these days. We live in reader-beware times, and no one can really be expected to do their own vetting on the source of every story, every link, every post.

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