The Philadelphia Inquirer on Its History of Complicity in Racism


The Philadelphia Inquirer published a deep dive on its history of complicity in systemic racism, part of a wider project examining the phenomenon’s roots in institutions founded in the city. The article was written by Wesley Lowery and edited by Errin Haines, both of whom are independent of the paper’s newsroom.

“Much like the democracy born in this city,” Lowery writes, the Inquirer “has failed to fulfill the ideals of its founding. Rather than being an ‘inquirer for all,’ as its motto proudly claims, the paper has for the whole of its history been written largely for and by white Philadelphians, and largely at the expense of the Black residents who currently constitute a plurality of the city. The paper, of course, is not alone in its history. Its story is that of the modern American newspaper.”

Also see the Baltimore Sun story headlined “We are deeply and profoundly sorry: For decades, The Baltimore Sun promoted policies that oppressed Black Marylanders; we are working to make amends.”

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