David Farhrenthold Leaves Washington Post for New York Times

From a Washingtonian story by Andrew Beaujon headlined “David Farhrenthold Leaves Washington Post for New York Times”:

David Fahrenthold will leave the Washington Post for the New York Times, Post staffers learned in a memo Monday. He’ll be an investigative reporter and will work from the Times’ Washington bureau, according to a Times memo.

Fahrenthold joined the Post in 2000 and became very well known in October 2016, when he reported that then GOP nominee Donald Trump had been recorded having a disgusting conversation about women with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. Fahrenthold’s article about the tape set readership records at the Post and briefly knocked its web servers offline. The ensuing fracas caused some Republicans to withdraw their support for Trump’s candidacy; he sort of apologizedand, after he won election anyway, later began to lie that it wasn’t his voice after all.

Fahrenthold returned to reporting on Trump’s family and businesses after this coup. He’d previously reported out Trump’s bogus claims of philanthropy, famously using legal pads and pens as primary reporting tools. The reporting earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 2017. He continued to plumb the Trump Organization’s finances, reporting on how Trump’s company charged the US government vast sums in connection with Trump’s visits to his properties, for instance. Trump’s White House, comically, ordered the Post to cease reporting on the President and claimed it was “building up a very large ‘dossier’” on Fahrenthold.


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