CNN Hiring for an Editorial Team to Cover Misinformation


Alex Koppelman emails: I’m hiring for an editor and two reporters for a new CNN team dedicated to covering misinformation. What does that mean? Really it’s about covering reality: The uses, abuses, and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that has on all of us….

Koppelman adds: “We need an editor who can run day-to-day news on the beat, oversee incredibly sensitive and complicated and important enterprise stories, and help us define and develop the team. And we’re looking for reporters who feel like they have to jump down every rabbit hole they see, who get mad when they see liars taking advantage of people, and who — let’s be honest — maybe spend more time on the internet than anyone really should. If you think you might be the right person for one of those jobs, or know someone who might be, reach out or apply …”

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