The State of the Media in 2021: Radio Remains a Colossus

From Politico Playbook:

STATS OF THE DAY — New Yorker writer Evan Osnos’ massive new profile of influential conservative talk show host/internet personality DAN BONGINO is worth reading in full, but contains two statistics that jumped out at us as saying a lot about the state of media in 2021:

— 1) “In recent months, according to Facebook data, [Bongino’s] page has attracted more engagement than those of the Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal combined.”

— 2) And yet… “As liberals argue over the algorithm at Facebook and ponder the disruptive influence of TikTok, radio remains a colossus; for every hour that Americans listened to podcasts in 2021, they listened to six and a half hours of AM/FM radio, according to Edison Research, a market-research and polling firm.”

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