Mark Leibovich Leaves The New York Times for The Atlantic

From a story on by Dominick Mastrangelo headlined “Veteran journalist Mark Leibovich joining The Atlantic”:

Leibovich, who is currently working on a book, will join The Atlantic full time in April as a staff writer….

Leibovich has worked for The New York Times for 15 years, most recently for New York Times Magazine as a reporter and writer profiling some of the most influential names in politics, media and entertainment….

Leibovich has written two best-selling books: “This Town,” which examines and explores the culture of Washington, D.C., and “Big Game,” which chronicles the inner workings of the National Football League during recent controversies surrounding the league. Leibovich won a National Magazine Award in 2011 for his profile of political journalist Mike Allen.

He is also a contributing political analyst for NBC and MSNBC, and previously worked for a decade at The Washington Post, including a stint as a political correspondent for its Style section.

Leadership at The Atlantic told employees over the summer it was set to lose another $10 million this year after losing $20 million in 2020 despite a surge in subscriptions during the coronavirus pandemic and 2020 presidential election.

Leibovich’s hire comes after The Atlantic added journalists Tim Alberta, Caitlin Dickerson and Jennifer Senior to its staff in recent months.

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