How Pew Breaks Down the Republican and Democratic Party Coalitions

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Here’s how Pew breaks down the Republican and Democratic Party coalitions — and some big-picture takeaways about what keeps them united vs. what divides them …

The Republicans:

Faith and Flag Conservatives: 23% (staunchly conservative, older, very active politically, overwhelmingly Christian, love Trump)

Committed Conservatives: 15% (educated, voted for Trump but not sure they want him back, RONALD REAGAN is their touchstone)

Populist Right: 23% (anti-immigration, pro-taxing the rich, rural, less educated, love Trump)

Ambivalent Right: 18% (younger, less religious, more moderate, don’t want Trump back)

Stressed Sideliners: 15% (mixed ideological views, financially stressed, not very politically engaged)

— “Areas of agreement within the GOP coalition: Support for limited government, belief in an individual’s ability to succeed and rejection of White privilege”

— “Issues that divide the GOP coalition: Corporate profits, same-sex marriage, compromise with U.S. allies, expanding the production of oil, coal and natural gas”

Most ominous finding in the report: “Six-in-ten Populist Right and a nearly identical share of Faith and Flag Conservatives (59%) say they like political leaders who assert that Trump is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, despite official counts showing that Biden was the legitimate winner.”

The Democrats:

Progressive Left: 12% (BERNIE SANDERS and ELIZABETH WARREN fans with very liberal views, mostly white, young, highly educated)

Establishment Liberals: 23% (solidly liberal, highly educated, racially and ethnically diverse, favor compromise)

Democratic Mainstays: 28% (self-identify as moderate, biggest group in the Dem coalition, older, very diverse racially and ethnically)

Outsider Left: 16% (young and very liberal but don’t really like either party)

Stressed Sideliners: 13% (mixed ideological views, financially stressed, not very politically engaged)

— “Areas of agreement within the Democratic coalition: Support for strong government safety net, higher taxes on corporations, greater progress toward racial equality”

— “Democratic typology groups differ on government performance, policies to address racial equality, the environment and police funding”

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