Washington Monthly Ranks the Top 20 National Universities for What They Do for the Country

Since 2005, the Washington Monthly has ranked colleges based on what they do for the country. It’s our answer to U.S News & World Report, which relies on crude and easily manipulated measures of wealth, exclusivity, and prestige. We rank liberal arts colleges—four-year institutions that award almost exclusively bachelor’s degrees and that focus on arts and sciences rather than professional programs—based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories: social mobility, research, and promoting public service.

National University Rankings

1. Stanford
2. MIT
3. Duke
4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
5. Harvard
6. University of Pennsylvania
7. J0hns Hopkins
8. University of Illinois—Champaign-Urbana
9. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
10. University of California—Berkeley
11. University of Washington—Seattle
12. University of California—San Diego
13. Notre Dame
14. University of California—Davis
15. Cornell
16. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
17. Princeton
18. Yale
19. University of Florida
20. University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

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