Joseph Kahn the Next Editor of the New York Times?

From about who might succeed Dean Baquet as editor of the New York Times:

WATCH THE THRONE — “New York Times insiders increasingly believe Joseph Kahn will succeed Dean Baquet as executive editor,” by Insider’s Steven Perlberg: “[L]ately, the rumor mill has settled back on [JOSEPH] KAHN, 56, as the most likely choice … Colleagues describe him as bright and calm. He was one of the top editors involved in an internal report aimed at making The Times a more inclusive workplace, and he is said to be plugged into the business side of the paper …

“A former international editor, Kahn has been the heir apparentsince he was appointed as managing editor in 2016. … Kahn’s selection as executive editor would show a kind of continuity and would most likely be uncontroversial, since it’s the expected outcome. … Another big question is the timing of [DEAN] BAQUET’s exit. He will pass the paper’s mandatory retirement age of 65 in September next year, but he has not indicated when he will retire.”

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