Liking Blue Skies and White Clouds and Thinking About What They Are Saying

By Jack Limpert

One of the pleasures in being mostly retired and working from home is sitting in the backyard on days that have blue skies and white clouds and looking up. It goes back to being a kid in Wisconsin and being out on a boat on a lake. We had a summer cottage and I spent many afternoons out on the lake fishing. When the fish weren’t biting, it was easy to lie back and think about what the clouds in the sky were saying.

Doing it now in a DC backyard brings back lots of childhood memories. I can’t resist looking for clouds that look like a bird or a dog. And with an iPhone, I take pictures and send them to my wife and our daughters suggesting that this cloud looks like your dog. Or a bird. Or something interesting in our lives.

Liking to look at blue sky and clouds did affect my journalism career. I once was offered the chance to edit a Hearst magazine in New York City. I went to the Hearst building on Eighth Avenue and looked up at the tall buildings and realized you could barely see any sky. I’d then been in Washington for 25 years where there are no really tall buildings. It’s easy here to look up and see the sky. It was more important than the money.

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