Today’s Page One Headlines

The New York Times:


Racing to Get Out as Desperation and Fear Set In

For Veterans, Pain, Anguish And Sorrows

A Soviet Echo As Forces Flee Over a Bridge

The Washington Post:

Desperate Afghans try to flee

Scenes of deadly tumult unfold at airport in capital

Chaos undercuts president’s vows of a steady hand

In final days, snapshots of a failure decades in the making

The Wall Street Journal:

Chaos Engulfs Afghan Withdrawal

Biden Calls Exit ‘Right Decision’

First Day of Taliban Rule Brings Beatings, Fear

Los Angeles Times:

Biden defends pullout from Afghanistan

Clinging to a U.S. plane, trying to escape

In U.S., fear for those left behind

The Boston Globe:

Biden defiant in defense: Says Afghan leaders abandoned nation; chaos engulfs Kabul

For those who fought, images reopen wounds

At Kabul airport, panic and desperation

Afghan air force pilots fled to other nations

The US’ longest war, by the numbers


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